The Safety Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry Summit, NJ

Laser dentistry is a popular way to perform certain procedures such as gum grafting or reshaping and cavity removal. Of course, the main benefit is less pain; however, there are a few other safety benefits that come with using dental lasers. Keep reading to find out more!

Understanding laser dentistry and the safety benefits

Below is an overview of the safety benefits that come with undergoing laser dentistry procedures. Having an understanding of these benefits may be helpful to individuals who are considering or preparing for a procedure with lasers.

Less bleeding

The number one safety benefit that comes with laser dentistry is that there is less bleeding. Because the laser beams are so effective when hitting the tissue, there is not as significant of a reaction, making for less bleeding. Additionally, laser beams cauterize as they cut, which cannot be said about traditional measures. 

Quicker healing

Healing times can vary depending on the procedure being performed; however, regardless of how long it takes, it is never enjoyable. This brings up another benefit that comes with laser dentistry. Because the laser beams are less impactful to the tissue being worked on, the wound is not as severe. A less severe wound makes for less of a need to heal. Additionally, when the wound is not as large, it is able to heal quicker, thus reducing the possibility that an infection will form, which is a common occurrence with oral wounds.

Safer for the surrounding area

What a lot of people do not realize is that the surrounding area of the mouth also becomes impacted when a procedure is performed. Surrounding teeth may experience discomfort or soreness because the nerves are all connected. Additionally, if the gums are being worked on, the entire arch of tissue may be sore even if only one part of it was restored. 

With laser dentistry practices, the surrounding areas of the mouth are far less impacted than if traditional measures were taken. The laser beams are so accurate that they are able to pinpoint exactly what needs to be removed without hitting or even affecting other surrounding areas. This helps to keep the entire mouth in good shape, thus reducing the need for longer healing. 

Find out more from a pediatric dentist

More and more pediatric dentists are incorporating the use of laser dentistry into their practices. Children are a lot more sensitive to discomfort and long healing times, as they are not always equipped to deal with it, especially because it is unfamiliar. With the use of laser dentistry, procedures are often viewed as far less scary, which makes the entire experience better all around.

Parents who want to consider laser dentistry to utilize the benefits that come with it should consult with a pediatric dentist to get started. Any questions or concerns about the process and how things work can be appropriately addressed. Reach out today to get scheduled or to learn more!

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